With a childhood spread through Rochester, NY, Wilmington, NC, and Pondicherry, India, little Ginette learned to live creatively early. As a teen she trained to be a professional ballet dancer which saw another move to attend the Kirov Academy of Ballet. Her (hopefully) final move was to New York to attend the American Musical and Dramatic Academy when she realized that she wanted to become fluent in the arts beyond movement. 

It was in an acting class with dir. Jason Chaet working on Annie Baker’s ‘The Flick’ that the power of stillness and the evidence of thoughts in the eyes alone that she finally found the life she was searching for. Years of huge backdrops and tutus and swelling music fell away to reveal the vulnerability that connects us all.


Favorite roles have included Co-starring in ‘The Great Untold’ for Netflix, the popular teen in ‘Electable’ for a Sundance Lab, and Jennifer Jones in ‘The Realistic Joneses.’ 


Ginette’s ideal Saturday involves decaf cortados with oat milk, New York Pilates, and being puppy Praeger’s mom. (Side note: Praeger just shot a Google ad!)  She is also a huge fashion nut, scouring the internet for the perfect used designer jeans. Her reality show would be titled “Say Yes to the Jeans” and would see her pouring her soul into helping humans find peace and confidence within their bodies and minds. Puppy Jeans coming soon.